Friday, 8 April 2011

1.5- Double Trouble

Dear Diary…
“Is everything ok in there Renn?” Mason asked after I’d thrown my breakfast back into the toilet. I heard him getting some food out, Mason was our Residential chef, so he was probably making  lunch.
“Yeah, fine” I lied. I heard him chuckle.
“Mason, SWEETIE!!! Come here for a second . I need you to show me how to make your famous sauce.” I heard Katie speak loudly to Mason. Still rubbing it in, I guess. God, I haven’t had one conversation with Mason without KT butting in -_-…
Anyway I was playing for tips. I got a good $47 before I felt my phone ringing. I quickly stopped in the middle of ‘Moonlight Raven’ (our best song). I was surprised to hear a few annoyed groans before my phone was pressed against my ear.
Hello?” I asked quietly
“Hello, St Patricks Hospital. I have good news Miss Raven. You’re going to be a mommy…of 2!” I dropped the phone. I was pregnant. I’d only done it once, and I can’t even remember who the daddy was…is.
“Hello…Miss? Hello?” The nurse asked since I didn’t answer. I snatched the phone up and stumbled a small ‘thank you and good bye’.
“Hang in there little guys” I muttered to my stomach. I knew I was so worried, but I wanted to see my little guys. I knew I had to tell someone straight away.
Bay’s expression was the best I’ve ever seen. When I announced I was carrying twins she had this expression on her face of pure disbelief.
Bay spent hours talking, listening and feeling the baby. I know this may sound un-motherly, but I felt she was only talking to my stomach, but she was  just being supportive. Bay was for me all through the pregnancy.
I was glad I could still fit into my old PJs. After 2 months, I was able to see a tiny bump. My due date was getting closer and closer.
Ever since my pregnancy, the elevator decided to be my enemy. Sorry Babies, but you might be a little squashed.
Days rolled into weeks, Weeks into months. My due date drawing closer and closer, including my nervousness. Everything stayed normal though. Mason was still being gross, forgetting to put food back into the fridge, and shower.
Even Kt thought it was gross, but I think she showed it in a mean way. However I did hint for him to use the shower.
(Sorry  about that pink/grey thing. There is a gliched baby somewhere in the city, and I can’t find it. It should go away next chapter.) I’d been going to get a bowl of Mac and cheese, my craving, when I felt a stabbing pain in my stomach.
“Mason! Bay!… Kt! The babies are coming!” I managed to shout between contractions
“WHAT!!! You’re 2 weeks early” Mason jumped around like had ants in his pants.
” Well, these babies are coming now” I shouted at him. Hormones -_-
Bay managed to stay calm, and tried to get me to a hospital, but there wasn’t time. The babies were coming, and they were coming now. It’s been a year since then, and both girls are beautiful.
This was my first born, Kestrel Raven. I named her after my sister. She had my bottle green eyes, and when I looked at her, I fell completely under her spell. However there was something about her eyes. They seemed to glow, especially in the dark. (Traits- Clumsy, Evil)
My second born was little Sparrow Raven. Unlike her twin, her hair grew alarmingly quickly, and she already had her first haircut. I don’t know where her eyes are from. Maybe her father’s side had it. However her eyes also seemed to glow… I wondered why. Both girls loved pink, but Sparrow was like a mini tomboy. (Traits- Disciplined, Virtuoso)
Sparrow was definitely Bay’s favorite. Those 2 were inseparable. It was so sweet.
I couldn’t help choosing favourites, but Kestrel had my eyes, and I couldn’t help it. However, I noticed on both girls a small black mark on both of their necks.
My life was officially up and running.
I know you didn’t see them as babies, but that was because they were glitched. Sorry it didn’t have much plot, but I wanted to show the Babies. Btw, Renn is like wren which is a bird, so most of the babies will be named after birds. Any suggestions? And this IS the last one for about a week.

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  1. Just got all caught up on your legacy again. Very good read. The girls are just adorable!